A comprehensive list of 7,000 Retailers, 25,000 contacts and 300,000 Retail Locations in 10 countries.

Codata database comprises information on 7,000 Retailers, 25,000 related contacts and 300,000 Retail Locations occupied by those Retailers.

Retailer: Codata definition

While Codata adjusted its method and census rules, each component of its database has been carefully defined.

According to Codata definition, a Retailer matches the following features:

  1. It is regional, national or international

  2. It corresponds to a defined and identifiable concept

  3. It has at least ten shops listed by Codata

  4. In some cases, it belongs to a new, generally international, concept taking an interest in the studied country.

Data is continuously updated with the help of various sources.

On the whole, more than 300,000 among the 770,000 periodically listed Retail Locations by Codata are occupied by regional, national or international Retailers.

Common attributes to all studied countries

Codata has defined various attributes that are specific to the Retailers of the ten studied countries. They are:

  • The name of the group to which the Retailer belongs
  • The activities of the Retailer according to Codata specific list of activities
  • The website
  • The logo
  • The development criteria: floor area, type of location, type of geographical positioning and type of organisation
  • The distribution of Retail Locations listed by Codata by country (10 countries).

Specific attributes by studied country

For each Retailer, Codata also collects attributes specific to each studied country:

  • The distribution of Retail Locations listed by type of location and by geographical positioning
  • The list of all Retail Locations identified by Codata
  • The list of all Sites studied by Codata where the Retailer is present
  • Addresses of the different offices or services
  • Names and contact details of the people in charge of commercial real estate or expansion