Codata provides the largest data offer in terms of Retail Locations in Europe.

At the end of 2015, Codata database comprises nearly 700,000 Retail Locations spread over the 10 studied countries.

These 700,000 Retail Locations account for about 80% of the turnover in those 10 countries. They represent approximately 25% of the total number of shops in each country.

Retail Location: Codata definition

While Codata adjusted its method and census rules, each component of its database has been carefully defined.

According to Codata definition, a Retail Location corresponds to a location that might be occupied by a shop. Thus, the Retail Location can be occupied by a shop or not; it can also be used as a house or for non-commercial purposes (a monument, for instance). As for the shop, it may be of different kinds: retail shop, wholesale shop, restaurant, agency...

Features of a Retail Location

The listed Locations in Codata database are:

  • precisely georeferenced and positioned. Thus, a client can accurately import data into his own geographic information system GIS
  • linked to the official administrative units of the territory to which they belong (country, region/Land/autonomous community/disctrict, province/department/canton/district, district/urban unit, commune/municipality)
  • linked to the perimeters defined by Codata in the form of commercial cluster, commercial site or commercial axis.

Attributes of a Codata Location

The following attributes are common to all Locations of Codata database:

Further attributes are available for some Locations

  • the shopfront picture (ongoing and previous years) for Locations located in shopping streets
  • the sales area, when available
  • the presence of an ad on Codata Market Place.

Exhaustiveness of retail locations for more than 1,000 Retailers in 5 countries

Codata provides you with the exhaustive list of retail locations for more than 1,000 reference Retailers in five countries, namely Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland.

For these Retailers, field censuses have been completed by thorough search work. It allowed us to make up comprehensive and accurate lists of location addresses of all these Retailers that are leaders in their sector. Codata clients can thus have access to precise georeferenced information on no less than 100,000 retail locations.

  • Consult HERE the file of the 954 reference Retailers in France,
  • Consult HERE the file of the 483 reference Retailers in Belgium,
  • Consult HERE the file of the 178 reference Retailers in Luxembourg,
  • Consult HERE the file of the 234 reference Retailers in Spain,
  • Consult HERE the file of the 178 reference Retailers in Switzerland.