Providing quality data is the challenge that Codata faces every day.

Site after Site, Location after Location... Codata teams are continuously mobilised to provide the clients with the most reliable data on the market.

An original method of database creation and update

The creation and the maintenance of Codata database are based on an original and comprehensive methodology resulting from "Field Research" and "In-House Research".

Over the years, this method has been perfected. It presents an extremely low error rate, which grants a high level of reliability to Codata database.

"Field Research" - 100% Codata

Field data collections are exclusively carried out by in-house specially trained teams that use common methods and rules in the 10 countries covered by Codata.

These teams:

  • define and delimit the commercial Sites to be listed, in city centres and in outlying areas, including commercial Projects
  • carry out periodical and exhaustive censuses of all retail locations located within the defined perimeters on the field
  • record the specific attributes of every listed Retail Location
  • take shopfront pictures of listed Retail Locations and panoramic pictures of the referenced Sites
  • represent elements of the urban fabric (pedestrian crossings, bus/tram lanes and stops, pedestrian and semi-pedestrian areas...)
  • monitor data to ensure its quality and its consistancy through time in the various countries
  • integrate collected information into the interface provided to the clients

"In-House Research" - 100% Codata

Codata also has a specialised in-house team that is in charge of internet and press monitoring as well as in charge of the contacts with professionals of the sector.

Their duties include:

  • the creation and updating of index cards for Retailers, Service Providers and commercial Projects
  •  the harmonisation of information gathered by the "Field research" and "In-House research" teams
  • daily contacts with professionals of the sector
  • constant data updating.