Consult the ads of commercial real estate professionals, free of charge: Locations to rent and for sale

Do you wish to know the offers of available retail locations? Are you looking for new points of sale?

Go to Codata Market Place. It's free and terribly efficient!

A simple search engine and an interactive display

Codata Market Place is designed for professionals. Your browsing won't be disturbed by any advertisement. The search engine leads you straight to the point.

Interactive display will help you sort out more easily the ads that interest you:

  • You select ads by geographical area, by type of Site, by surface area, by advertiser
  • The results of your selection are displayed straight away
  • Information is clear and precise. You don't waste any time
  • No advertisement, no banner ads, no pop-up, no unwished link. You simply focus on your search.

With Codata Market Place, find quickly the ads that interest you.

Comprehensive ads of quality related to the Sites listed by Codata

Codata Market Place only displays offers posted by commercial real estate professionals. The ads are always of quality. Only Locations located in Codata perimeters!

Ads are comprehensive with a precise description completed with various visual media: maps, pictures, files, etc.:

  • The description of a location is simple and accurate. It sticks to the point
  • There are numerous visual media: maps, pictures, presentation leaflets, etc.
  • Much information is imported from Codata Explorer: Key plans, Retail Location index card, picture, Site index card, Retailer index car, etc.
  • Links towards customatised presentations of the advertiser are available: leaflets, videos, website, slideshow presentations, etc.

With Codata Market Place, professionals talk to professionals.

A really straightforward form to place your ads quickly and free of charge on Codata Market Place

On Codata Market Place, it's easy to consult ads. It's also very easy to advertise. And it's free.

Several options are at your disposal when you complete your ad on Codata Market Place:

  • You don't have to communicate the exact address of the advertised location, even if it is usually clearer for visitors
  • The Location must always be located in a Codata Site perimeter. The form invites you to make the appropriate choices
  • You can add as many links as you want: PDF files, pictures, videos, slideshow presentations, links to a website, etc.

Codata Market Place is fast, simple and efficient to rent or sell your Retail Location.

An advertiser area to efficiently manage the ads

Your own area enables you to simply and quickly manage your ads. This area is secured by a login and a password. There, you can display the ongoing ads, delete them, modify them and add new ones.

With Codata Market Place, in your "Advertiser Area", you can:

  • Display the ongoing ads
  • Edit, modify et complete an ongoing ad
  • Delete an ad
  • Add new ads.

With Codata Market Place, it is a piece of cake to manage your ads.

Ads visible by all professional users of Codata Explorer

Your ads are not only displayed on Codata Market Place but also on Codata Explorer. They will even be integrated into Codata Explorer to make them more visible and relevant.

On Codata Explorer, your ad can be accessed to via various links displayed in the best possible manner:

  • Search engines
  • Retail Locations index cards
  • Sites index cards
  • Projects index cards
  • Retailers index cards
  • Service Providers index cards
  • Lists of results

With Codata Market Place, enjoy a double visibility on Codata Market Place and on Codata Explorer. Increase your chances to quickly rent or sell your Retail Location.

Price list and terms

Codata Market Place is a Codata free service for the commercial real estate professionals.