From its own database, Codata develops all necessary research tools to find the best Retail Locations. And much more.

Commercial real estate and retail are complex areas. Retail Property Market professionals need to fully understand the commercial landscape and have access to reliable data in order to provide quality work on a daily basis.

The first source of information on commercial real estate


Codata provides online data and tools for retail real estate professionals to meet their everyday needs:

  • A detailed and updated database on:
    • Retail Locations
    • Commercial Sites
    • Commercial Projects
    • Retailers and distribution chains
    • Lessors, real estate developers and advisors
  • Integration of precise and efficient search engines to find the adequate data
  • Detailed cartography of commercial establishments and accurate location tools
  • Fast access to information and continuous availability via the Internet, on all screens 24/7
  • Offline access to information thanks to the downloading options in XLS, JPG or PDF formats.

Powerful tools for an efficient strategy


Codata continuously identifies commercial sites and carries out censuses on the field. Those are completed by constant monitoring (press, Internet, etc.) and by daily contacts with retail real estate professionals.

After it has been controlled and approved, information is accessible and exploitable through several online tools:

  • Codata Explorer that has over time become the best source of commercial real estate data in 10 European countries
  • Codata Key Plans to order detailed maps of commercial Sites and Retail Locations and to download them in PDF format
  • Codata Files to order and download all needed data and to integrate it into your working files and your Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Codata Market Place to consult or place real estate ads related to the referenced Codata commercial Sites and Retail Locations
  • Codata Mobile to access essential data even while you are travelling