The largest data offer to describe and detail commercial Sites in Europe.

At the end of 2015, Codata database comprises 7,000 commercial Sites spread over the 10 studied countries.

Commercial Site: Codata definition

While Codata adjusted its method and census rules, each component of its database has been carefully defined.

According to Codata definition, a commercial Site generally meets the following requirements:

  1. The Site is located in an agglomeration of at least 25,000 inhabitants

  2. The total sales area reaches at least 10,000 sq m by Site

  3. The Site counts at least 25 shops including at least one medium-sized shop (2,500 sq m and more).

However, there are some exceptions. They allow the inclusion of all "significant" Sites that do not fully meet these criteria, for instance the Site "Saint Tropez centre ville".

Features of a commercial Site

The listed Sites in Codata database are:

  • precisely georeferenced and positioned. Thus, a client can accurately import data into his own geographic information system GIS
  • accurately mapped, at the level of cadastral parcels.

Attributes of Codata commercial Sites

The following attributes are common to the Sites of Codata database:

  • the name of the Site according to Codata own denomination
  • the geographical position: urban area, periurban area, outlying area
  •  the type of Site: shopping street, retail area, shopping centre, outlet centre, train station - airport and retail park
  • the number of present shops and the number of present Retailers
  • the presence of one or several projects and their type
  • the distribution by activity of Retail Locations, with a distinction between shops and retailers
  • vacancy and occupancy rates of shops
  • detailed shops statistics
  • detailed socio-demographic statistics.

Further attributes can be available for some Sites

  • commercial area
  • the name of the manager
  • the name of the leasing manager
  • the number of parking spaces
  • the presence of an ad on Codata Market Place.

For each Site, Codata also provides the list of all Retail Locations.