A comprehensive list of 2,500 commercial real estate Service Providers and 10,000 contacts in 10 European countries.

In addition to the 7,000 listed Retailers, Codata database also compiles information on 2,500 Service Providers from various professions of the commercial real estate sector and 10,000 additional contacts in the ten studied countries.

Service Provider: Codata definition

While Codata adjusted its method and census rules, each component of its database has been carefully defined.

The listed service providers in Codata database are exclusively professionals in the commercial real estate sector and retail specialists. Codata differentiates:

  1. Commercial real estate advisors and independent network developers
  2. Lessors, developers, investors and managers
  3. Experts in commercial real estate and market research companies
  4. Further companies such as federations, local authorities, experts in urban retail planning, etc.

Common attributes to all studied countries

For each service provider, Codata has defined various attributes common to the 10 countries studied by Codata. They are:

  • The activities of the Service Provider according to Codata specific list of activities
  • The website
  • The logo
  • The name of the group to which the Service Provider belongs.

Specific attributes by studied country

For each service provider, Codata also collects attributes specific to each studied country:

  • The list of commercial Sites listed by Codata where the Service Provider operates
  • Addresses of the different offices or services
  • Names and contact details of the people in charge of the relationships with retailers and other service providers