The real-time answer to your daily needs in the commercial real estate sector

Here are many topics and duties you are dealing with every day: find the perfect location, analyse the commercial offer, search for retailers for a vacant location identify and characterise competition, compile presentation reports, import data into your GIS, etc.

The pace of business forces you to find accurate information very quickly. The online service Codata Explorer gives you with all answers in a few clicks.

What answers with Codata Explorer?

Codata Explorer is designed for commercial real estate and retail professionals that are continuously searching for relevant information in the commercial real estate sector.

Codata database is accessible via an ergonomic and efficient interface. With Codata Explorer, your answers won't remain unanswered.

This is Codata Explorer:

  • A suite of tools available 24/7. Research tools and Codata data are constantly available
  • Unlimited search possibilities in a database on 700,000 Locations, 7,700 Sites, 1,000 commercial Projects and 25,000 contacts in 10 European countries.
  • A search tool for Retailers, distribution chains, lessors, developers, advisors and experts among 9,000 companies listed in 10 countries
  • A dynamic cartographic interface to display Sites, Locations, Projects, commercial activities or even shops and Retailers

With Codata Explorer, the commercial real estate professional has constant access to the wealth of the biggest commercial real estate database in Europe.

All tools and data available 24/7

At the office, at home or while travelling, Codata search tools and data are available 24/7 with a service rate of 99.9%.

For 20 years, our teams have been ensuring accurate, dated and georeferenced data.

With Codata Explorer and a simple web browser, you can:

  • Search for and consult all data on Locations, Sites, Projects, Retailers and Service Providers
  • Display the cartographic interface and its various interpretation and analysis tools: thematic maps, tools to display the search results, measuring tools, customisation tools...
  • Download all elements, including cartographic extracts of your choice, in PDF format
  • Download all alphanumeric data, including XY coordinates of Sites and Locations, for instance to integrate them into your GIS
  • Have access to an adapted mobile version if you use a smartphone or a tablet. The application Codata Mobile is specifically designed for a nomadic access to the entirety of Codata Explorer.

Codata Explorer offers you the necessary flexibility to work wherever you wish 24/7. Codata Explorer is an accessible solution that doesn't require any specific program or software. You only need a simple web browser.

Advanced search tools for Retail Locations, commercial Sites and Projects

Your researches vary depending on your needs. You may search for a precise commercial Site or Location, or for a set of Sites, Locations or Projects corresponding to one or several criteria.

For more than ten years, Codata has been optimising its search engines with the commercial real estate professionals. They are designed to answer quickly and easily to simple or complex issues.

With Codata Explorer, you can search for Locations, Sites and Projects by combining several criteria, including for example:

  • The geographical area (country, region, department, commune/municipality, street, Site)
  • The type of Site (city centre, retail area, shopping centre, retail park)
  • The geographical positioning (urban area , semi-urban area, outlying area)
  • The main or secondary activity (fine granularity)
  • The name of the shop or Retailer
  • The size of the population of the commune/municipality
  • The number of shops or of Retailers or even the percentage of Retailers on the selected geographical area
  • Whether the shop belongs to a network or not
  • Whether the shop is new or not
  • The service provider linked to the Site (manager, developer, owner, leasing manager)
  • The presence or absence of selected Retailers on the Site(s) or cluster(s)
  • One or several ads on Codata Market Place

Codata Explorer search engines have been designed to answer as many questions as possible and to provide fast and appropriate answers.

A fine search for Retailers, distribution chains, lessors, developers, advisors and experts

Your business requires you to search for contacts every day. You may look for a precise company or a contact or a set of operators corresponding to various criteria.

With Codata Explorer, you can search for operators that might interest you by combining one or several criteria such as:

  • The name(s) of operators, groups or contacts
  • The country(ies) where they are operating
  • The main or secondary activity (fine granularity)
  • The establishment criteria of retailers depending on favourite surface areas, on geographical positioning or on the type of location
  • The presence or absence of Retailers on the selected Site(s).

Codata Explorer search engines give you access to 25,000 contacts in the various sectors of the commercial real estate in ten European countries.

A dynamic cartographic interface

Most search results can be displayed on a dynamic cartographic interface. Locations, Sites and Projects are georeferenced and represented at the level of the cadastral parcel map.

From your web browser and with Codata Explorer cartographic interface, you can:

  • Display the Locations, Sites and Projects resulting from your search
  • Display detailed cadastral maps that enable you to identify the tenants of all retail locations
  • Edit your own thematic maps representing the positioning of activities, retailers or new shops
  • Measure directly on the cartographic interface the dimensions of Locations or surface areas in which you are interested
  • Add customisation pictograms
  • Display the positioning of anchors and of main points of attractiveness
  • Preview the customised map extracts you wish to download in A4 or A3, landscape or portrait formats
  • Download map extracts in the most appropriate format.

Codata Explorer cartographic interface combines the strength of Codata data with the flexibility of a dynamic interface. This enables you to fashion the maps according to your wishes, then to download them in PDF format.

Codata Mobile: an adapted version for travelling

For a nomadic use, Codata has developed a specific version of Codata Explorer.

Available as an application, Codata Mobile meets the following requirements :

  • Access Codata Explorer in its entirety
  • Easily search data from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) while being in the field
  • Display of a map centered on the smartphone or tablet position once geolocalisation is on

Codata Mobile is the entirety of Codata Explorer available while travelling in an adapted format for most devices on the market.

The use of Codata Mobile is included in the Codata Explorer subscription

Click on one of the links to get directly to Codata Mobile, the solution conceived to assist you while you are travelling.

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Price list and terms

Codata Explorer is available on subscription with the possibility to consult and download online 24/7.

Discover the price list as well as the general terms of use of Codata Explorer.