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In Data & Trends, 23rd Jul 2013

Hannover, capital city of Lower Saxony, is part of the Top 20 of German cities. It has a population of more than 520,000 inhabitants at the heart of an agglomeration that has more than 1,100,000 people.

In Data & Trends, 18th Jun 2013

Which are the fastest growing retailers in France in 2012? Which business sector(s) do they belong to? To know it, consult our Top 100!

In Data & Trends, 3rd May 2013

Is it true that there are more and more vacant shops? Codata database gives you a precise answer by referring to identical criteria to define the perimeters.

In Data & Trends, 29th Mar 2013

For a long time, national retailers have expanded their shop network. They have invaded all types of sites to the detriment of independent retailers. Is it still the case?

In Products & services, 6th Nov 2012

Codata created an original method to build up and update its database.

This method is based on data collection carried out in the field (Field Research) and completed by press and internet monitoring as well as regular contacts with retail and commercial real estate professionals (In-House Research).

Field Research

The teams of data collectors include retail and commercial real estate experts, database management specialists and geographic information systems (GIS) experts.