Codata Explorer allows you to search for Locations, Sites, Projects or Retailers using a list of Sites resulting from a previous search.

This functionality offers many possibilities by combining two successive sets of criteria.

Here is an example.

We are looking for Retailers operating in the "jewellery" industry that are absent from the shopping centres of Lille’s urban unit.

  • These shopping centres must consist of at least 30 shops, including 15 with the activities "Women’s Shoes", "Women’s Wear" and "Perfumes".

  • These Retailers must be expanding in France on surface areas of 100 sq m at the most. Their French network must already count at least 50 shops.


  • First search:

    • List the commercial Sites of Lille’s urban unit,

    • that are "Shopping Centres",

    • with more than 30 Shops,

    • including at least 10 Shops corresponding to the activities "Women’s Shoes", "Women’s Wear" and "Perfumes".

  • This first search results in a list of 9 retail Sites.

  • Use the list of Sites you get as a criterion for a second search.

    • Use the button "From this list of Sites, search for…"

    • Choose one of the options

      • … Locations

      • … Sites,

      • … Projects,

      • … Retailers that are present on these Sites,

      • … Retailers that are absent from these Sites.

    • In this case, select "Retailers that are absent from these Sites".

  • Automatic transfer of the list of Sites you got:

    • The list of Sites will automatically be transferred to the box of the search engine corresponding to the selected option,

    • In this case, the Retailers search engine and the box "Search for absent Retailers in the following geographical areas".

  • Second search:

    • Combine now the criteria of the current search engine with the transferred list of Sites,

    • In this case, Retailers,

      • Operating in France,

      • With the activity "Jewellery",

      • Expanding in Shopping Centres on 100 sq m at the most,

      • Having a network of at least 50 shops in France.

  • Result: a list of 5 Retailers corresponding to the two sets of criteria

    • First: the Sites selection criteria resulting in a list of retail Sites,

    • Second: the Retailers selection criteria including the list of Sites you got as a result of the first search.