During the censuses carried out in France, Belgium and Luxembourg in 2019, Codata counted 55 shopping centres openings following creation or extension projects.

Among the shopping centres that opened in 2019, some of them stand out for their size and importance in the commercial landscape of the region in which they are located.

  • France : Mon Beau Buchelay (Buchelay), Paddock Paris (Romainville), Eden (Servon)

  • Belgium : Les Archers (Soignies)

  • Luxembourg : Cloche d'Or (Luxembourg)

Consult the detailed file of shopping centre openings in 2019.

As for the projects scheduled to open in 2020, no fewer than 88 shopping centres will be built, including 50 creations and 38 site extensions. The distribution of projects by country is the following one:

  • France : 76

  • Belgium : 11

  • Luxembourg : 1

Among the shopping centres that will open in 2020, some of them are distinguished by their size:

  • France : Open Sky Plaisir (Plaisir), Steel (Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds), Shopping Promenade Coeur Alsace (Mundolsheim), Lillenium (Lille), Alpes The Style Outlet (Châtillon-en-Michaille)

  • Belgium : Cristal Park (Seraing)

  • Luxembourg : Royal Hamilius (Luxembourg)

Consult the detailed file of shopping centre and retail park projects for the year 2020.