From now on, you can save your searches on Codata Explorer and restart them afterwards in one click.



Why should I save my searches?

It might be interesting to save a search you regularly do. For instance, you can save your search on Commercial Projects in your geographical area. Or even save the search of your competitors in a city and update it every year.

You should also need to save very complex searches, for instance when you refine your selection queries of a list of Retailers as you do your search. Saving your search might help you save time when you need to resume it or simply restart it later.

Finally, saving a search allows you to share it with colleagues or customers. In that way, they will be able to do the search you have prepared in one click. It should be noted that you select the queries you want to share and also decide to whom you send the sharing link.


How to save a search?

To save a search, you only have to click the "Save query" button - located next to the "New Search" button.

You are then invited to enter a name for this search and click Save.


Find and manage saved searches

You will find all your saved searches in your subscriber area.

From your subscriber area, you will be able to find all your saved searches and rerun them in one click. You will also be able to delete the saved searches you don't need anymore and to set the sharing parameters of your saved searches.

The "Retrieve a search" button enables you to restart a search from a search engine.