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Retailers vacancy rate and occupancy rate in the Netherlands

In 2017, Retailers represent about 50% of the shops listed by Codata in the Netherlands.

Their presence is nevertheless unequal and depends on the types of sites: 61% were listed in city centres, 4% in retail areas and 35% in shopping centres. These figures are representative of the attractiveness of city centres for organised distribution networks in the country.

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Between 2014 and 2017, the Retailers occupancy rate declined from 49.89% to 46.22% (the figures are based on comparable perimeters). A 3.67% drop.

This tendency is clearly visible in all types of Sites and follows on from the figures of the previous years.

As to the vacancy rate in the studied perimeters, it increased from 8.08% to 9.36% between 2014 and 2017, namely a 1.28% increase. However, this tendency is not clearly visible in retail areas.




Discover the history of a Site

The history of the censuses carried out by Codata are available for every Site on Codata Explorer and Codata Files.

Discover the history of a Site thanks to Codata Explorer:

On the Index Card of a Commercial Site, scroll down to the section "Site Statistics" and click on the link: "Display the detailed Shops statistics index card".

The Site statistics index card is displayed. The second box -entitled "History of Site Statistics" - presents four thumbnails with various statistics.

  • Statistics of the vacancy rate and commercial density of the Commercial Site:

  • Chart of the history of shops by activity, expressed in the number of Retailers and of independent shops:

  • Table of the history of shops by activity, expressed in the number of Retailers and of independent shops:

  • The exhaustive list of Retailers openings and closures between every Codata census:


Discover the history of Sites thanks to Codata Files:

You would like to know the history of all the Sites of a country (or of any other geographical area)? Codata Files provides you with files for every type of location (shopping streets, retail areas or shopping centres). For each Site, the files comprise information on the:

  • Vacancy rate by Site and by year

  • Activities of the shops by Site and by year

  • Retailers occupancy rate by Site and by year

Discover the history files that are available Codata Files




The Netherlands: Data update 2017

Codata database on the Netherlands was completely updated between January and August 2017.

As of now, Codata users have updated maps and data at their disposal on Codata Explorer, Codata Files and Codata Key Plans.

In total, more than 200 commercial Sites and nearly 35,000 locations were listed by our field census team.

It should be noted that comprehensive lists of retail locations of about 500 reference Retailers are available in the database.

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Codata Digest The Netherlands 2017: A summary of collected data

After every Sites and Locations census in a country, Codata releases a Codata Digest presenting an analysis of collected data.

The new Codata Digest The Netherlands comprises:

  • Shops statistics: Retailers occupancy rate, vacancy rate, distribution of shops by activity,

  • Rankings of Sites according to the number of present Retailers,

  • Rankings of Retailers according to the number of shops,

  • Rankings of the fastest growing Retailers…