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Codata Files: dated and geolocalised data in your GIS, gravity models and data software

With Codata Files, it is possible to have Codata geolocalised data at your disposal in your own Information System: GIS, gravity models or any other system allowing you to interpret data.

All the information from Codata database can found in these data files:

With Codata Files, you can purchase a licence to integrate Codata geolocalised data directly into your systems. Thus, Codata data will complete your in-house data, for instance your footfall data, your financial data…

The files Sites are available by country and by type of localisation (Shopping Centres, Shopping Streets, Retail Areas).

  • They include identification attributes of sites. For each site, they present statistics on the occupancy of Retail Locations and on the distribution of activities, socio-demographic statistics as well as geopositioning attributes (central spot and site perimeter).

The files Locations are available by country, by type of localisation (Shopping Centres, Shopping Streets, Retail Areas) and by activity (Food, Gifts-Jewellery, Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants, Footwear, Household Equipment, Supermarkets, Clothing-Prêt-à-porter, Leisure, Perfumes-Beauty-Body Care, Services, Other).

  • For each location, they include the precise address, the name of the shop, the network, the activities as well as the geopositioning elements.

  • For nearly 1,000 Retailers in France and nearly 500 in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, the database presents the exhaustiveness of retail locations and their addresses.

The Files Retailers and Service Providers are available by country.

  • These files comprise the contact details of Retailers and Service Providers (contact persons, phone number, emails, addresses…), their development criteria, their location statistics…

The Files History by Site are available by country and by type of localisation (Shopping Centres, Shopping Streets, Retail Areas).

  • Three types of history are available: the history of the vacancy rate, the history of the Retailers occupancy rate, the history of the evolution of activities.

  • These files include the whole history over the last 10 years in France and in Belgium.




Focus on Utrecht

Utrecht is the 4th Dutch city with almost 320,000 inhabitants in the municipality and 650,000 in the urban area. It is also the capital city of the eponymous province that counts about 1.2 million inhabitants.

Utrecht and its suburbs belong to the "Randstad", an urbanised region of more than 7.1 million inhabitants including the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. All these cities are encircling the "Groene Hart" (the green heart), a not very built-up region in the heart of the Netherlands.

Utrecht is a really dynamic city that is known for its university and its cathedral (Dom).

In August 2017, Codata teams listed 825 shops in Utrecht's city centre, including 315 Retailers. The Shopping Streets perimeter counts 648 shops. The shopping centres "Hoog Catharijne" and "Station Utrecht Centraal" are included in the Shopping Streets perimeter and offer 177 shops.

The shopping centre "Shoppingcenter Overvecht" and its small adjoining retail area are located near the city centre (2,500 m away from the city centre). Together, they total 126 shops, including 69 Retailers.

In the Shopping Streets, Retailers represent 35.34% of the shops. They can be found on the following main axes:

  • The Oudegracht with Hollister, Hema, Mango, H&M, Pull&Bear…

  • The Lange Elisabethstraat and its extension, the Steenweg with Tommy Hilfiger, Jack & Jones, Foot Locker, Massimo Dutti…

  • Vredenburg with Zara, The Sting, Kiko, Douglas, Cool Cat…

Steenweg - Utrecht

Oudergracht - Utrecht

Vredenburg - Utrecht


The commercial landscape keeps on evolving in the city centre. For example, the 27,500 sq m extension of the Shopping Centre Hoog Catharijne - ideally located between the pedestrian centre and the main station - is planned. 80 units will be added to the 132 existing ones and 1,300 new parking spaces will be created. A cinema, a hotel and leisure spaces are also planned.

Codata Explorer provides you with further data on the Netherlands (updated in 2017), including detailed maps, statistics, pictures, relevant contact details… Don't hesitate anymore and log in to Codata Explorer without further delay!

G-Star Raw - Utrecht

Sacha - Utrecht

Hema - Utrecht




Place your ads for retail locations on Codata Market Place and Codata Explorer free of charge

Your ads for retail locations can be placed on Codata Market Place and Codata Explorer. It's easily done and free of charge.

That way, your ads will automatically be available for a community of retail real estate professionals. Your ads can be viewed by all Codata Market Place visitors, whether they subscribed to Codata Explorer or not.

If you wish to, you can also identify the Commercial Site and even the Retail Location you are advertising for.

Identifying your premises – at Site or Location level - gives Codata Explorer subscribers the opportunity to locate and characterise it in its environment straight away.


  • The ads with a Site localisation are accessible from the Site Index Cards: any visitor who analyses a commercial Site knows straight away if premises are available on this Site.

  • The ads with a Location localisation are visible on Codata maps.


View or place an ad on Market Place




Codata Digest: A summary of Codata data by country

After every Sites and Locations census in a country, Codata releases a Codata Digest presenting an analysis of collected data.

Each Codata Digest comprises:

  • Shops statistics: Retailers occupancy rate, vacancy rate, distribution of shops by activity,

  • Rankings of Sites according to the number of present Retailers,

  • Rankings of Retailers according to the number of shops,

  • Rankings of the fastest growing Retailers.