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Presence of Retailers: significant differences depending on the sites

On the whole, Retailers occupy 48% of the shops listed within Codata perimeters during the 2013-2017 period. However, there are very significant differences between types of sites. Similarly, the percentage of Retailers may evolve differently between sites of the same type.

The constant monitoring developed by Codata nearly 20 years ago allows to define the various tendencies.

In that way, notable differences can be observed between types of sites. In 2017, a 48.12% average rate was calculated but the distribution is uneven: 32.21% in shopping streets, 72.32% in shopping centres and 64% in retail areas.

A more thorough analysis allows to highlight other differences, for instance between subcategories, but also to notice a decline in the percentage of Retailers year after year.


Beyond this first approach, it is interesting to know the tendency site by site. Codata Explorer allows that with its "Shops Statistics". For instance, the following chart shows that the percentage of Retailers in Haguenau’s city centre increased from 33.18% in 2003 to 40% in 2018.


With Codata Explorer, it is even possible to identify the Retailers that opened or closed down a shop year after year. As an example, here is Haguenau’s history of Retailers.


Naturally, the next step is to compare the sites in order to identify high-risk sites as opposed to low-risk sites. Codata Files allows that with its history files over 10 years.

Here are some examples from the history file for the year 2017.

"Shopping streets" in France:

  • Highest rates of Retailers (excluding sites of big cities): Boulogne-Billancourt (52.02%), Béthune (48.47%), Montluçon (48.02%)

  • Lowest rates of Retailers (excluding sites of big cities): Saint-Denis (15.25%), Sarlat-la-Caneda (15.75%), Uzès (16.26%)

Large "Retail areas" in France:

  • Vannes / Ploeren : ZA de Parc-Lann - ZA de Kerlann (Carrefour, E.Leclerc) :

    • 376 Retail Locations

    • including 330 Shops including 63.03% of Retailers

  • Anglet / Bayonne : ZAC Bab 2 (Carrefour, Géant Casino) :

    • 360 Retail Locations

    • including 322 Shops including 45.03% of Retailers

  • La Valette-du-Var / La Garde : Grand Var (Carrefour) :

    • 360 Retail Locations

    •  including 345 Shops including 48.12% of Retailers

  • Clermont-Ferrand / Aubière : Cap Sud (Auchan, E.Leclerc) :

    • 337 Retail Locations

    • including 315 Shops including 65.40% of Retailers

  • Mérignac : Mérignac Soleil (Carrefour) :

    • 329 Retail Locations

    • including 310 Shops including 61.94% of Retailers

Grands « Centres commerciaux » de l’unité urbaine de Bordeaux

  • Rives d'Arcins :

    • 151 Retail Locations

    • including 143 Shops including 92.31% of Retailers

  • Mérignac Soleil :

    • 127 Retail Locations

    • including 123 Shops includingt 91.06% of Retailers

  • Bordeaux Lac :

    • 117 Retail Locations

    • Including 113 Shops including 86.73% of Retailers

  • Rive Droite :

    • 87 Retail Locations

    • Including 67 Shops including 76.12% of Retailers

  • Mériadeck :

    • 79 Retail Locations

    • Including 70 Shops including 80% of Retailers

It is worth knowing that these History files allow you to define the site by site evolution of the vacancy rates and of the percentages of Retailers over 10 years and for 10 countries. They also allow you to define the evolution of the different retail activities.




Discover the polarity of a commercial Site with the thematic maps

All the elements of Codata database are precisely geolocalised. Using the adequate map layouts, it is possible to literally "see" the reality of the field.

The thematic maps allow you to apprehend information in a flash: distribution of activities, presence of Retailers, rotation of shops and vacancy of retail locations.

Marseille: polarity personal apparel (blue) and cafés-hotels-restaurants (orange). The list of Codata activities is available online


Marseille: New shops (green) between 2016 and 2017


Marseille: Retailers’ locations (red)


Marseille: vacant premises (black)


These thematic maps can be displayed via the side menu and the thumbnail "Display".




Integrate Codata data into your software

The data files available on Codata Files and Codata Explorer allow you to integrate Codata data into your own application solutions.

These data files are the best way to create your own retail real estate databases. You can thus start with Codata data and then expand it with your own information (rental values, lease, valuations…) enjoying the precision of Codata geolocalisation.


On Codata Files, the various kinds of data files are:

  • Files on Locations: geolocalisation on the front door, name of the shop, commercial activity, address...

  • Files on Sites: geolocalisation, site perimeter, statistics on activities and Retailers, vacancy rates…

  • Files on Retailers and Services Providers: development criteria, precise contact details, activities, locations statistics, number of shops…

  • Sites History over 10 years: vacancy rates, occupancy rates, percentage of Retailers, portion of commercial activities.

These data sets are available by country and can be segmented by type of Site, by geographical area or by activity. They can also correspond to complex requests that meet your needs.

Resorting to Codata Files is particularly advised for large-size files or for specific requests that are not available on Codata Explorer.

On Codata Explorer, all search results can be downloaded in XLS format.

  • Whether they are files on Locations, Sites, Projects, Retailers or Service Providers, downloadable files correspond to the same data structures as the files available on Codata Files.

  • Downloading files on Codata Explorer is worthwhile: the files are available straight away because they are automatically generated online according to your criteria and selections.




Rankings of the Clothing Retailers in 4 countries

Each edition of a Codata Digest has a section dedicated to the most represented Retailers in the Clothing industry. Each year, we draw up the list of the 50 Retailers that operate the most shops within Codata perimeters.

Codata Digest France 2018Codata Digest France 2018
Codata Digest Belgium 2018 Codata Digest Belgium 2018
Codata Digest The Netherlands 2017 Codata Digest The Netherlands 2017
Codata Digest Italy 2017 Codata Digest Italy 2017


Here is a comparative analysis on the following countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

Only 2 Retailers that operate in this sector are present in the 4 countries: Zara and H&M.

It is interesting to analyse the correlation between those four Top 50 in order to find out if the networks that monopolise these 50 ranks are the same from one country to another.


The table highlights the great similarity of the apparel distribution networks between Belgium and the Netherlands: the TOP 50 are 70% identical. The fact that nearly 40% of similar Retailers are in the Belgian and French rankings is also noteworthy.

As to the other pairs of countries, it is interesting to notice that the TOP 50 are mainly different: from one country to another, the 50 most represented Retailers in the Clothing industry are identical to 16% at the most.