Capital city of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the city centre of Bordeaux was studied by our teams last September.

Six commercial Sites were listed in the city centre of Bordeaux: the shopping streets (1 842 shops) and five Shopping centres:

  • Mériadeck (55 shops)

  • Promenade Sainte-Catherine (36 shops)

  • Les Grands Hommes (24 shops)

  • Saint-Christoly (19 shops)

  • Mériadeck Les Passages (2 shops)

Two renovations projects are currently ongoing at Mériadeck and Mériadeck Les Passages.

The vacancy rate in the city centre has been below the national average for more than ten years.



Although we are not yet in a position to confirm the consolidation of this trend in 2021, if the national vacancy rate in the city centres clusters continues to rise, like it has been the case since 2010, the city centre of Bordeaux could remain below the national average (10.5 % in 2020).

The occupancy rate of Retailers has decreased again, as it has been for three years now: from 35 % in 2020, it has come down to 33.5 %. Which is exactly the national average rate in 2020.

In total, 662 Retailers are established in the "Bordeaux City centre" cluster.

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