The map unit "Annotations" on Codata Explorer has been redesigned and largely enriched. From now on, it is easier to annotate a map and more tools have been added.

How to proceed:


Open the unit "Annotations"

The unit "Annotations" can be displayed from the menu located on the right of the screen in the cartographic interface. Click on the icon representing a pen to open it.


Use the various tools of the unit "Annotations"

The unit "Annotations" allows you to add personal comments on a map,…

… to highlight some locations,…

… or to highlight an area.


Export an annotated map*

Finally, you can open the download unit and export your annotated maps in various formats: PDF A3, PDF A4 or PNG.

Refer to the section on the cartographic interface in the online help to get good results when exporting maps

*: The map download functionality is subject to the subscription to the option Reproduction Rights or Integration Rights

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