Several changes have been made to the Codata Mobile application.

Codata Mobile is an adapted version of Codata Explorer specifically designed for working in the field.

Download Codata Mobile :



Here are all of the modifications that have been made and the new features :

Authentification code sent by SMS

In order to log in to Codata Mobile, your username, your password and an authentification code are required. On the other hand, this code will not be sent to you by e-mail but by SMS.

Access to Codata Explorer in its entirety

From now on, Codata Explorer features and data are available in their entirety on Codata Mobile. However, you will not be able to download files or maps : they are for consultation only.

Easy access to information : switch from a device to another without logging out

In order to easily switch from your Codata Explorer session on computer to your Codata Mobile session on smartphone or tablet, it is not necessary to log out. Therefore, you can be logged on to a computer and to a mobile device without having to log out of one of them.

Codata Mobile is included in your Codata Explorer subscription

The access to Codata Mobile is an integral part of your subscription. Codata Units will be deducted the same way as on Codata Explorer.

A new responsive user interface

The responsive design of the application is suitable for most devices on the market. The display automatically adapts to your screen size.

(Re)discover Codata Mobile the solution designed to assist you while you are away.