Evolution of the "Isochrone" functionality on Codata Explorer.

To draw an isochrone is possible since December 17 on Codata Explorer (beta version).

This feature allows, in the Codata Explorer mapping interface, to draw isochrones, that means, a curve that connects the accessible points in a given travel time, from a starting point and using a chosen means of transportation (by car, by bike or on foot).

The development of functionalities related to isochrones continues.

From today, an isochrone can be used as a search criterion to find within its perimeter:

  • Locations,

  • Sites,

  • Projects,

  • present Retailers,

  • absents Retailers.

More features will follow in the coming months.

We will show you through an example, how to use the current features.

Let's take the example of a search for commercial locations located 15 minutes by car from the Eurallile shopping centre and active in the « children's wear » sector

  • First step: Draw an isochron.

    • Connect to the Maps module of Codata Explorer,

    • Select the "Isochrone" tool in the right menu,

    • Click on "Select a point" and click on a choosen point on the map (main entrance to the Euralille shopping centre),

    • Set the travel time, means of transport and colour (15 minutes by car, in red),

    • Click on "Draw the isochrone". You will start the calculation and the isochrone will be displayed on the map.

Isochrone connecting the points accessible in 15 minutes by car from the entrance of the Euralille shopping centre in Lille (FR)

  • Step two: Select the isochrone by clicking on it. A window opens

  • Step three: Select the search for Locations (located in the isochrone)

  • Step four : Automatically, the coordinates of the isochrone are entered in the "places" criterion of the search Locations

  • Step five: Identify and target commercial locations occupied by Retailers active in the "children's wear" sector

  • Step Six: This is the list of locations within the defined isochrone.

  • You will then be able to:

    • visualize locations on a map (see map below),

    • download the list in PDF or XLS format,

    • visualize the Locations and Retailers index cards,

    • save your search criteria.

Important to know:

  • Each generation of an Isochrone is counted as twenty «Codata Units»,

  • the search functionality on isochrones is free of charge until December 31, 2018 but submitted as a paid option from January 01,2019.

Log in to the cartographic interface of Codata Explorer and use an isochrone as a search criteria