Codata created an original method to build up and update its database.

This method is based on data collection in the field (Field Research) and completed by press and internet monitoring as well as permanent contacts with retail and commercial real estate professionals (In-House Research).

In-House Research

The in-house research team includes retail and commercial real estate experts and database management specialists. Each person speaks several languages so as to ensure an easy dialogue with the interlocutors from the different countries studied by Codata.

Based on an annual planning, detailed index cards are created and updated for all retailers, service providers and commercial projects in each studied country. The in-house research team also collects information on retail locations situated "outside Codata perimeters" (shops belonging to distribution networks that aren't listed by the field teams). All data are constantly updated.

Different information sources are used: press and internet monitoring as well as direct contacts with retail professionals. The research work is carried out from A to Z by Codata teams without any intermediary to populate the database and complete the data collected in the field.

Comparing the information collected by our field and in-house research teams ensures a very low error rate and a great data reliability.