Codata Digest France 2014 just came out and offers a lot of information.

As an example, here are two tables that allow you to compare the occupancy rate of national retailers and the shop vacancy rate by type of site.

Evolution of National Retailers over 12 months by Type of Site

A quick look at the table and the chart above allows you to notice that "National Retailers" achieve an occupancy rate two times higher in shopping centres and commercial areas than in city centres. We also notice a stagnation of the number of "National Retailers" in city centres and even a diminution in city centres with more than 40,000 inhabitants.

Those two observations reflect the strategic orientation of many specialised distribution networks.


The number of vacant shop units is increasing in all types of sites.

Evolution of Vacant Shops over 12 months by Type of Site

Generally, the 13,557 vacant shop units listed within Codata perimeters in France are a real matter of concern, especially as that statistic only takes account of vacant retail premises, excluding shops being renovated or liquidated.

The percentage of vacant shops is similar for all types of sites. It ranges between 5 and 7%. Only small shopping centres with less than 30 shops have a higher vacancy rate, reaching 9%.

Regarding the increase of the number of vacant retail premises, we notice that smaller sites have the worst results: +37% in city centres with less than 40,000 inhabitants, +32% in shopping centres with 16 to 30 shops and +50% in commercial areas with 16 to 60 shops.