The accurate and periodic censuses carried out by our data collectors allow us to provide a set of information that is perfectly comparable in space and time.

Indeed, our method wich is identical throughout the country and systematically applied from year to year, makes it possible to generate reliable, dated and comparable information.

Thus, each of the 7,000 commercial Sites studied are described, qualified and presented in many different ways:

  • Precise and perfectly geopositioned location of Sites, Locations and Commercial Projects,

  • Detailed mapping with 17 zoom levels allowing an easy understanding of the environment and the composition of each Commercial Site,

  • Detail of the shop locations at plot level,

  • Thematic maps of activities as well as the positioning of Retailers, vacant retail units and new shops,

  • Cluster and Site(s) features,

  • List of the main Axes,

  • Population statistics,

  • Detailed statistics of the Sites and Axes Shops.

These detailed statistics of the Sites and Axes Shops are presented in the Codata Focus which you can view for free via this link. To illustrate the presentation, we used the example of the city centre of Namur (Belgium).



All these statistics are available on Codata Explorer, for consultation and download (Pdf and Xls)

Download the Codata Focus "Shops Statistics - Sites and commercial Axes" free of charge