With more than 275,000 inhabitants, Montpellier is the seventh largest city of France and the third largest French city on the Mediterranean axis after Marseille and Nice.

However, the influence of the city is much broader since the urban unit counts more than 420,000 inhabitants and welcomes more than 70,000 students in its various faculties.

The latest Codata censuses carried out on 18/04/2019 identified 27 Commercial Sites :

  • 2 of the "Shopping Street" type

  • 10 of the "Retail area" type

  • 15 of the "Shopping centre" or the "Retail Park" type

This " Codata Focus " covers the city centre of Montpellier. It is composed of documents directly extracted from the Codata Explorer online service.



Furthermore, Codata Explorer allows you to edit the same documents for each of the 7,000 Commercial Sites that are studied.

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