The last few months have been particularly complicated for those involved in commercial real estate and retail.

Despite the constraints, our data-collectors are carrying out field censuses in France and Belgium.

Here is an overview of our census schedule for the months of July to October:

  • Updates already available on Codata Explorer

    • France

      • Paris Intra-Muros

      • Ile-de-France (part one)

      • Aquitaine (part one)

    • Belgium

      • Limburg

      • Vlaams-Brabant

      • Antwerpen (Province)



  • Updates that will be available at the beginning of October on Codata Explorer

    • France

      • Aquitaine (part two)

      • Ile-de-France (part two)

      • Centre-Val de Loire (part two)

    • Belgium

      • Oost-Vlaanderen



We will continue to keep you informed of the evolution of our censuses through our various communication media.

If you have any question or if you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact us.