This second Codata Digest Switzerland is based on Codata database in September 2016 and compares the state of retail between 2013 and 2016. This report and its 13 tables with figures give a complete overview of the retail sector in Switzerland. Here is a summary.


Important predominance of city centres (Shopping street Sites)

City centres punctuate the Swiss retail organisation. They represent 55% of the total number of listed shops.


Retailers' occupancy rate

Retailers occupy one third of the listed shops in city centres - against two third in shopping centres.

On the whole, the number of Retailers only shrank slightly between 2013 and 2016. A 0.12% fall of the retailers' occupancy rate was recorded - a good result in comparison to the important reductions registered in most other European countries.


Small increase of the vacancy rate (2013-2016): Europe's lowest vacancy rate

In Switzerland, the number of vacant retail units remains very low, although a small increase - from 1.41% to 3.48% - between 2013 and 2016 was recorded. This represents 401 vacant shops listed in September 2016 within Codata perimeters. These figures are very low in comparison to other European countries where vacancy rates can be up to four times higher.


The distribution of shops by activity differs according to types of Sites

Distribution of Shops by Type of Activity in Shopping Streets

Distribution of Shops by Type of Activity in Shopping Centres

Distribution of Shops by Type of Activity in Retail Areas



The category "Clothing-Prêt-à-porter" is the most represented activity in Switzerland with 2,575 shops out of the 10,884 listed shops (23.65% of shops).  It represents 22.94% of shops in city centres and 27.53% in shopping centres. The second most represented activity is the category "Cafés Hotels Restaurants" with 17.24% of shops in city centres for 9.79% in shopping centres.


Distribution of shop openings by activity and type of site

Over the census period (2013-2016), Codata registered 1,560 openings out of 10,884 shops; less than a sixth of shops was renewed. The most represented sector is also the one with the highest number of openings, i.e. the "Clothing-Prêt-à-porter" sector with 377 openings. Retailers opened 203 new POS. They represent 54% of these new shops for a 67% occupancy rate in the same sector.


Predominance of Swiss chains in the Top 20 of Retailers (Codata perimeters)

70% of the 20 retailers exploiting the most POS within Codata perimeters are of Swiss origin. This is a remarkable result for a small country.

It should also be noted that four "Telefony-Multimedia" retailers rank in this Top 20: Mobilezone, Fust, Swisscom and Interdiscount.


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