The Codata Digest Italy 2017 was released following the census carried out between January and September.

Just as for each Digest, Codata presents a summary of its last censuses through many indicators, charts and various tables.

Here are some key figures from this edition 2017.

Locations occupied by Retailers are divided up as follows: 33% in City Centres, 6% in Retail Areas and 61% in Shopping Centres. Retailers occupy 45% of the studied Shops.

Distribution of Shops occupied by Retailers

The vacancy rate is slightly decreasing from 7.94% to 7.41%. These figures are based on identical perimeters that were listed in 2014.

Regarding the represented activities, the "Clothing-Prêt-à-porter" sector totals the highest number of shops and is followed by the categories "Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants", "Perfumes-Beauty-Body Care" and "Footwear-Leather Goods". These four retail categories represent almost two third of the retail industry in the perimeters studied in 2017.

The Codata Digest Italy 2017 also presents various rankings such as the:

  • Top 50 of the Fastest Growing Retailers

  • Top 20 of Shopping Streets

  • Top 20 of Shopping Centres

  • Top 20 of Retail Areas

  • Top 50 of Retailers within Codata perimeters

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