The "Codata Digest 2020 - France - Belgium" have just been published. From now on, they are available via this link. Based on the censuses conducted throughout 2019, all rankings, graphs and statistics have been updated.

Some significant trends deserve to be highlighted :


Overall, vacancy rates are increasing everywhere. In both France and Belgium, shopping centres have shown the greatest increase in vacancy rate.


The number of store openings by "Retailers" in France decreased : 7,013 units in 2019 compared to 7,201 units in 2018. On the other hand, the number of store openings by "Retailers" in Belgium increased : 1,034 units in 2019 compared to 981 units in 2018.


Despite these gloomy general trends, many Retailers are taking advantage of market circumstances to gain positions and develop their networks, both national and international.

Find out more about Retailer occupancy rates by country and site type, discover the rankings of the most promising sites and find out which brands are growing the most on our Codata Digest page. For even more details, go to Codata Explorer and use the multi-criteria search engines that will allow you to select the precise and detailed information you want.


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