" Benchmarking " consists in studying and analysing what already exists in order to draw inspiration from it and make the best of it. Generally, this involves studying and analysing management techniques and modes of organisation.

" Codata Benchmarking " consists in studying, comparing and analysing the existing establishments of Retailers and the characteristics of the Commercial Sites and Axes in order to draw inspiration from it and make the best of it to improve network performance, refine the merchandising plan of a Commercial Site or complete a study.

The observation of the field reality makes it possible to identify indicators (or " benchmarks ") that will help in making decisions.



  • Identify Retailers which are present / absent on Axes or in streets which are comparable

    • By listing the Retailers which are present on comparable Axes

    • By identifying the Retailers which are present on one Axis and not on other ones

    • By completing the search with an analysis of Axes in terms of occupation, vacancy, activities,…

Answering these questions becomes very easy with Codata Explorer and requires nor prior training or the use of complicated softwares.

The Codata Focus " Benchmarking & Comparisons of Streets and Axes ", addresses these questions through a concrete example. We also discuss further answers that can be provided through a comparative analysis of trade statistics.

Download the Codata Focus "Benchmarking & Comparisons of Streets and Axes" for free