All these new features are available, in beta version, on Codata Explorer. Do not hesitate to discover them, test them and optimise your searches.

If you have any suggestions regarding these new features or if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team:

Analytics Pack

Using any of these three new features requires the subscription to the Analytics Pack.

However, you have access to the beta features without additional costs until your current subscription expires. Your Codata Units will be deducted according to our current price list.

Sites and Locations Comparator

This new module allows you to easily and rapidly analyse the similarities and disparities between different Sites or between different Locations.

In order to compare their statistics and features, it is possible to select up to three Codata Sites or three Codata Locations in the Comparator.


Codata Explorer - Comparator Codata Explorer - Comparator
Codata Explorer - ComparatorCodata Explorer - Comparator
Codata Explorer - ComparatorCodata Explorer - Comparator



360° Location Index Card

Location Index Cards with additional statistics are now available on Codata Explorer :

  • History of the Shop

  • Nearby distribution statistics

  • List of nearby Locations

  • List of Shops with the same activity

  • Catchment areas of the Location




"Catchment area" module

With this tool, you can now use catchment area criteria as search criteria.

Refine and filter your searches of Sites with criteria such as type of location, type of establishment, population criteria, etc.