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In Products & services, 3rd Aug 2018

Evolution of the "Isochrone" functionality on Codata Explorer.
The isochrone representation is available on Codata Explorer since December 2017 in beta version.

In Products & services, 19th Jun 2018

More intuitive and upgrade with complementary functionalities, the mapping interface of multi-storey shopping centres has been improved and now allows you to

In Newsletter, 29th May 2018

France: the "Clothing" industry by type of commercial Site.
During the 2013-2017 period, the activity "Clothing" declined from 19.62% to 16.98% of the shops listed within Codata perimeters in France.

In Newsletter, 24th Apr 2018

Presence of Retailers: significant differences depending on the sites.
On the whole, Retailers occupy 48% of the shops listed within Codata perimeters during the 2013-2017 period.

In Products & services, 17th Apr 2018

Codata Explorer allows you to search for Locations, Sites, Projects or Retailers using a list of Sites resulting from a previous search.