Codata has created and is maintaining an alphanumeric and cartographic database on the offer of commercial Sites and Retail Locations in ten European countries

This information is provided to the clients through online tools allowing them to consult and download data.

In the commercial real estate and retail sector, it is crucial to quickly have access to reliable data to take the right decisions. It is true to find AAA Locations, to select the best Location, to analyse competition, to determine and understand the organisation of commercial Sites or to optimise one's network.

Our priority: the commercial offer

Codata activity focuses mainly on the commercial offer: commercial Sites and Retail Locations in ten European countries.

This focus made it possible for Codata to specialise in order to reach a critical size. As a result, Codata provides its clients with precise and accurate data, that is constantly updated, on ten European countries.

An original method of database creation

The creation and the maintenance of Codata database are based on an original and comprehensive methodology:

  • Data collection on the field, Site by Site, by specifically trained teams
  • Constant press monitoring
  • Daily Internet monitoring
  • Constant contacts with the commercial real estate and retail professionals

Constantly renewed and enriched data

Thanks to the continuous information collection, both on the field and through other means, new data is added every year:

  • Less attractive Commercial Sites (small city centres or small shopping centres)
  • Newly created Sites
  • Further Locations geopositioned on Codata maps
  • New Retailers and Service Providers

An online 24/7 service for an original and efficient commercial analysis

For more than ten years, Codata has been providing a consulting and downloading tool of its database: Codata Explorer.

Over time, Codata Explorer has become a real commercial analysis tool that is used daily by hundreds of professionals across Europe.

Codata Explorer, it is a set of search engines that were specially designed for commercial real estate professionals. It is also a set of dynamic cartographic interfaces and their various functionalities to meet the clients' needs.

Data downloading tools and maps for specific needs

Codata has also created further tools to meet different needs of data use and/or of maps:

  • Codata Key Plans allows you to select and order detailed plans (deliverable in HD PDF format) that may be printed on the scale of your choice in A4 to A0 formats
  • Codata Files allows you to select data of your choice that may be downloaded in XLS format and then integrated into your own databases or in a geographic information system (GIS).

A service of commercial real estate ads for demanding professionals

Codata Market Place allows you to consult and place ads of commercial areas that are part of the 700,000 Retail Locations database in 10 European countries.

This service offers you unparalleled visibility by commercial real estate professionals in Europe.