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In the commercial real estate and retail areas, Codata is the source of quality information for your research on a day-to-day basis in ten European countries:

Experience > 
For more than 20 years, our specialised teams have been collecting all data on commercial real estate that is necessary for your decision-making: commercial sites, locations, projects, retailers, service providers.

Reliability >
Our data collection combines "Field research" and "Home research" techniques to guarantee a very high reliability rate of the collected data that is also georeferenced and located on cadastral maps.

Availability >
Our data can be consulted in ergonomic interfaces and is available 24/7 online to improve your productivity. It can also be downloaded and integrated into your GIS.

Common language >
Using the same supports on a day-to-day basis, our clients have created a common language. They don't hesitate anymore to talk about "codatised" locations to refer to locations located in perimeters studied by Codata. Very often, the fact that one retail location is located in our perimeters is a minimum selection criterion.

Four services to meet the needs of commercial real estate data

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Latest blog news

In Data & Trends , 18th Mar 2019

The three “Codata Focus” that have just been published for France, Belgium and the Netherlands indicate the evolution trend in the percentage of Retailers.

In Products & services , 5th Mar 2019

The three "Codata Focus" that have just been published for France, Belgium and the Netherlands indicate the trend in the vacancy rate for all commercial sites of the " Shopping street " type.

In Products & services , 26th Feb 2019

The Codata map has been greatly enriched at the beginning of 2019

In Products & services , 19th Feb 2019

In the world of Retailers, your results lists have been expanded with a new tab: "The number of openings between two censuses".

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